SWLA Louisiana Sickle Cell Anemia, Inc.


Southwest Louisiana Sickle Cell Anemia, Inc. is a nonprofit organization in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for persons with Sickle Cell Disease, their families, and the community through education, networking, guidance, and referral of needs to support services.


Ensuring a network of committed partners and informed volunteers dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle for individuals affected with Sickle Cell Disease.


  • Committed to individuals with Sickle Cell
  • Passion to help support and educated the clients
  • Educate the community about Sickle Cell Anemia Disease
  • Integrity and transparency in administration practices
  • Dedicated to building on success

SWLA Sickle Cell Anemia, Inc.

1917 Harless St.
Lake Charles, La 70601